DALL-E 2’s AI Imagines Lord of the Rings Characters Based on Tolkien’s Novels

The Lord of the Rings has been a benchmark in the fantasy genre even before the cinematic saga catapults its success to stellar levels. Because of this, different versions of his most iconic characters live in many people’s heads, and have been shaped by Tolkien’s descriptions of each. But did you know that you are not the only one who can imagine literary characters in the flesh? This artificial intelligence did it, and shows us the result.

In a post on Medium, Jim Clyde Monge shows us the results of DALL-E 2 by imagining the characters of The Lord of the Rings. To summarize, DALL-E 2 is an artificial intelligence capable of generating images by simply entering text.

That’s why Monge seized the opportunity to bring the characters of this mythical franchise to life. And above all, they are very different from those of the films, sticking much more to what we see in the books. With the exception of a few errors or misinterpretations, it must be said that the result is fascinating.

Similarly, if films were able to offer their own take on each character in The Lord of the Rings, why is the series so punished? power rings for doing their own thing?

This is what the characters of The Lord of the Rings imagined by an artificial intelligence

Frodo Baggins

Let’s start with the protagonist of The Fellowship of the Ring the first book of the saga. Frodo Baggins, who is portrayed in the film by a young Elijah Wood, is actually radically different from what we see in the film.

In the first book, Frodo is a burly man with rosy cheeks. He is also taller than most hobbits with a split chin and hopeful eyes. But most surprising of all, in the saga of the books, Frodo Baggins turns 50.

Samsagaz Gamyi

If Frodo was already different being the protagonist of the first part, one can imagine a very similar fate for the rest of the cast. This is also the case of Samsagaz “Sam” Gamyi, who is described as “short and stocky”, with dark hair and a slightly straw complexion. Also, his eyes are quite large and dark.

Gandalf the Gray

Gandalf the Gray also received a fairly intense facelift. One of the most iconic characters in human history. The Lord of the Rings it’s rather odd that so many liberties have been taken to portray him in the movies. Fortunately, Sir Ian McKellen did an excellent job.

In the books, Gandalf is described as “strong”, but ” lower than mortal men saw his arched back”. His hair is long and white, with a beard of the same color.

In the movies, however, Gandalf is presented in a much more elegant way. With a “thin” port and much more colorful clothing than depicted in the books as the film saga progresses. The artificial intelligence, for its part, has done a great job of bringing it into the real world.
The Lord of the Rings, artificial intelligenceThe Lord of the Rings, artificial intelligence


Another of the most important characters in the saga of The Lord of the Rings. On this occasion, we will see that artificial intelligence and Viggo Mortensen did a great job by bringing Arathorn’s son to life.

Aragorn is described as being “thin and tall”, with dark, shaggy hair, with a few gray streaks. His eyes are the same color as those locks, silvery and deep.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, drew him with brown eyes. However, the rest of the description seems to match what we see in the book quite well.


The loyal elven archer, Legolas, also had its own version created by an artificial intelligence. Probably the most difficult to represent, given the lack of character description offered by JRR Tolkien in his work.

From Legolas we know that is agile and immensely strong with a great ability to handle his bow quickly. It is also quite large, light and very fast.

Although the film saga depicts Legolas as having blond hair and blue eyes, Tolkien never really clarified this point. In fact, according to franchise insiders, hair this light color was incredibly rare, with most elves having rather dark hair, including Legolas. The latter is how the artificial intelligence decided to portray the character.

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