Capgemini develops a new AI solution for the treatment of river blindness – 21/11/2022 at 18:24

(AOF) – A team of experts from Capgemini, together with University Hospital Bonn and Amazon Web Services, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that will accelerate the speed of clinical trials aimed at establishing new treatments for river blindness, a neglected tropical disease that affects more than 20 million people worldwide. Currently, the specialized work of clinical trials can only be done manually by a handful of global experts.

The winning model could therefore save years of work and accelerate the development of new treatments.

The solution was developed as part of Capgemini’s Global Data Science Challenge for a Sustainable Future (GDSC), a company-wide initiative where every employee has the opportunity to deploy their expertise in data and artificial intelligence to solve a critical global challenge.


Key points

– One of the world leaders in digital transformation founded in 1967;

– Turnover of €15.8 billion generated 29% in North America, 20% in France, 12% in the United Kingdom & Ireland, 9% in Asia-Pacific and the rest in Europe;

– Three major businesses: applications and technology for 63% of revenues, operations and engineering for 29% and strategy and transformation for 8%;

– Business model declined between “Customer First“, “Intelligence Industry“ and “Enterprise Management“, with an aggressive offer in the cloud and digital (65% of revenues);

– Split capital (8.6% for directors and employees), with a 14-member board of directors chaired by Dominique Hermelin, Aiman ​​Ezzat being managing director;

– Healthy financial situation with net debt of €4.1 billion at the end of June and shareholders’ equity of €8.5 billion.

=/ Issues /=

– 2025 ambition of a 7 to 9% increase in revenues and an operating margin of 14%;

– Innovation strategy supported by a global network of technology and innovation directors and, for customers, a global network of 21 AIE (Applied Innovation Exchange):

– 3 strategic pillars: the cloud, data & AI and the monitoring of future waves of technology,

– internally, coordination of centers of excellence,

– investments in start-ups and Catalyst program support,

– several hundred industrial and academic partnerships;

– Environmental strategy validated by the SBTi with 2 commitments:

– high ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% on scopes 1 to 3 by 2040,

– transition to a low-carbon economy via solutions for customers to reduce their carbon emissions by 10 Mt in 2030,

– Spin-offs from investments in Italy;

– Dynamism in Asia, driven by acquisitions, and in the cloud, industry intelligence and customer relationship management;

– Acceleration of acquisitions;

– Good visibility with order intake equal to 1 times the annual turnover.


– High sensitivity of the result to personnel costs (2/3 of operating expenses), 59% of the personnel being “offshore”;

– Launch at the end of 2022 of Bleu, a joint venture with Orange for a trusted cloud;

– Investor concerns about growth prospects for 2023;

– After a 22% increase in turnover at the end of September, confirmed 2022 objective of 14 to 15% growth in revenues, an operating margin between 12.9 and 13.1% and self-financing free over €1.7 billion;

– Share buyback program of €800 million.

Maximum staff turnover

Companies in the IT services sector have seen the departure of more than 20% of their workforce in twelve months. This trend is not unusual in the sector, but it is reaching an unprecedented scale, in a context of strong growth and good recruitment dynamics. In addition, employees have new requirements and aspirations. The main criterion is the flexibility of work and the way it is implemented in the company. The American-Indian company Cognizant saw around 35% of its 330,000 engineers leave the company in one year. Capgemini, grouping 32,000 French employees, recently suffered its first strike since 2008, with a demand for a collective increase in remuneration.

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