can they set off a smoke detector?

The triggering of the smoke detector depends on its operation

Former tobacco smoker, follower of electronic cigarette tastes, you like to vape and smoke freely. Outside as inside, you are used to taking regular breaks to relax. Only, you have a doubt, you wonder if the electronic cigarette, the cigarette and the cigar can trigger a smoke detector. Let’s see it all together.

Smoking in your home

Have you just bought an electronic cigarette on Ecigplanete and are wondering if you can use it indoors? If you smoke in a dwelling equipped with one or more smoke detectors, these should not go off. Indeed, this material is manufactured in such a way as to be able to detect different types of smoke through an optical chamber.

A fire causes much more smoke concentrated and dense than a cigarette, electronic or not. So, unless all the inhabitants of the same house start smoking big cigars at the same time, with all the closed windowsthere is no reason for the device to ring.

The different types of smoke detectors

The sensitivity of the smoke detector depends on its type. Let’s see this in more detail.

Ionization detectors

These detectors are particularly sensitive to small particles of smoke. How it works ? When smoke enters the device, the particles interact with two electrically charged radioactive plates. By disturbing the electricity between these plates, the alarm is triggered.

This type of detector is the more common in homes. In the case of electronic cigarettes, be aware that if the indoor vapor density is very high, the alarm is likely to go off.

heat detectors

Typically used in kitchens, these smoke detectors are heat sensitive. This means that if you smoke indoors, the alarm is unlikely to ring. Indeed, smoke and vapor do not really interact with this type of device.

Optical detectors

Much like a motion detector, these detectors work with infrared. In fact, they have a infrared light beam which detects the presence of smoke. How it works ? When smoke particles enter the device, they will cause the diffusion infrared on a light detector. It is therefore the latter who will trigger the alarm.

As with the ion detector, this type of device is more likely to trigger in the event of intense smoke or steam.

The case of the electronic cigarette

Unlike conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes produce vapor, but the detectors are designed to detect smoke. This means that the probability of the alarm going off is less. In addition, steam has the advantage of dissipate faster and to be thinner than tobacco smoke.

Be careful when using flavorings. These liquids made from Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin produce a smoke more dense and are therefore more likely to sound the alarm.

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