“Business intelligence” at the heart of the Israel Hi-Tech 2022 conference

As part of the recent Israel Hi-Tech Conference 2022, several presentations, including those by Omri Kohl, CEO and co-founder of Pyramid Analytics – provider of an innovative business intelligence platform – and Lorien Pratt, chief scientist at Quantellia and co-inventor of business intelligence, have brought business intelligence to the fore, a statement from the event reported.

In their presentations, they discussed how the burgeoning field of business intelligence is taking artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to the next level. Focused on the opportunities created by AI, this year’s conference featured speakers from tech giants like Dell, Google and NVIDIA.

Business intelligence platforms indeed have the potential to solve a range of previously very difficult problems such as climate change, societal inequalities and complex business problems.

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Unlike some analytics tools based on machine learning and full analytics automation, business intelligence platforms augment human cognition.

According to Gartner research, by next year business intelligence will be used by one-third of all large organizations.

Lorien Pratt is one of the leading AI and analytics specialists today. With an extensive background in machine learning, she is responsible for several major advances, including the invention of transfer learning.

In her address to the conference, she highlighted the persistent problem plaguing the tech industry: tech isn’t solving the problems we’d like to see it solving. AI and machine learning have revolutionized computer programming and enabled rapid data processing and analysis at scale. However, Lorien Pratt told attendees that while machine learning can catalog and predict, it alone cannot model causality. It does not link actions and results, leaving open a fundamental gap between analyzes and decision makers.

Decision intelligence is crucial to move from action to result. Lorien Pratt highlighted how she bridges the gap between decision makers and data analytics and AI, providing them with rapid access to the information they need to solve the most pressing, complex and often unsolved problems. we face today. Business Intelligence is about enabling people to work together on analytics and data and, even better, from leaders to frontline staff, to use AI to make strategic, operational and tactical decisions.

The Pyramid company is helping to shape this growing market. Recently, it closed an oversubscribed $120 million Series E funding round. Omri Kohl took part in this year’s conference in Israel to declare Pyramid Analytics’ commitment: the company guarantees that everyone – even without a technical background in analytics or data science – will be able to make faster and more informed decisions. enlightened.

“Business intelligence is built on the principle that you don’t need to have a background in data science to reap the benefits of advanced analytics,” said Omri Kohl, CEO and co-founder of Pyramid Analytics. “At Pyramid, we are committed to automating the decision process in a way that empowers everyone to make faster, smarter decisions based on any data, for any person, and for any analytics need. . Listening to Lorien Pratt’s inspiring talk at this year’s conference was a great pleasure. She was able to show attendees all the practical benefits of business intelligence and everyone left the conference motivated and determined to turn her inspiring words into reality. »

“The change represented by business intelligence is as significant as the change that allowed us to take computing out of our desks and into our pockets,” said Lorien Pratt, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Quantellia LLC. “This is an extraordinary moment for our generation: business intelligence is democratizing access to AI and data analytics, two technologies once reserved exclusively for the tech giants of our time. It provides a framework for decision makers and data scientists to collaborate and ensure that technology can be used to solve problems. For organizations, it’s a new way of thinking: rather than starting by thinking about the data we have, now we’ll start asking ourselves what results we want and what actions we need to take to achieve those results; then we will adjust this data so that it leads to these results. »

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