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From July 1, 2024, French companies will have to be able to receive and issue electronic invoices: the stakes are enormous. The point with Basware, expert in electronic invoicing solutions.

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July 2024 seems a long way off. However, given the issues related to the electronic invoicing reform, this deadline seems very close. The impact of this reform on the business ecosystem cannot be understated. An impact that should be made on three dimensions. On a financial process on the one hand, with an upgrade according to the rules established by the State. ” Companies will have to make in-depth changes to their internal financial circuits to adapt to the new methods of exchanging invoices », emphasizes Mekki Ben Othman, Product Manager at Basware. Another dimension, that of Information Systems with, again, a necessary adaptation. And finally, a dimension on the internal organization with two underlying questions: is my organization today able to adapt to new processes? How will my human resources be used?

Data quality impacted

For a large number of companies, this reform is a source of opportunity. Starting with a potential improvement around data quality. The benefits obtained should be significant, “ There are still many flows today that are processed using paper or PDF, a type of process that will have to cease from 2024. However, this reform finally gives companies the opportunity to flatten exchanges with data that can be described as “clean” “, explains Mekki Ben Othman.

Moreover, from a financial management ecosystem based on manual tasks, one managed by a complete automation of invoicing will take over. With the key, a simplification of the processes which should have economic repercussions, “ According to the State, this reform should lead to an estimated gain of 4 billion euros for all companies. In addition, this reform represents an effective way for the State to secure exchanges between companies, ensure efficient VAT collection and fight against tax evasion, even if the latter problem is not specific to France. “says the product manager at Basware.

Getting support: a necessary prerequisite

A reform that will therefore lead to in-depth internal changes. Prerequisites are necessary in order to be ready on the big day. Starting with the will to learn about and understand the reform and to initiate the necessary transformation activities. For this, support may be necessary, The reform includes an offer of Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP) services focused on dematerialization to support companies in the transformation. These service providers will be accredited by the DGFIP. Might as well use this offer wisely “says Mekki Ben Othman. This support can take the form of the help of an expert company such as Basware, both for the PDP part in France and for electronic invoicing and P2P solutions on a global scale.

Adapt your human resources

Not only is it necessary to be accompanied, but it is necessary to ask the right questions at the same time: in what state of health is my financial process? How should I adapt it tomorrow to be in phase with the specificities of the reform? Thus, the budget must not only be anticipated, but human resources must also be adapted to this digital transformation. However, the transformation process is difficult to quantify over time, “ Several parameters come into play: the size of the company, the number of information systems affected by the reform, the number of subsidiaries (and other entities to be managed), etc. Planning over ten months seems necessary and reasonable to me to move invoicing to the electronic age concludes Mekki Ben Othman. Finally, do not forget that the government platform is not completely finalized to date and that registrations for PDP platforms will begin in March 2023 and this, over approximately 2 to 3 months.

Find Basware to support you with electronic invoicing.

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