Artificial intelligence: the CNIL publishes a set of resources for the general public and professionals

Why does the CNIL want to communicate on AI?

Systems using artificial intelligence (AI) have been developing for several years and, with them, new challenges in terms of data protection. As part of its mission information and protection of rights, support towards compliance and anticipation and innovationthe CNIL offers a set of content dedicated to AI.

These resources are thus part of a European strategy aimed at stimulating excellence in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as rules intended to guarantee the reliability of these technologies. In particular, it is a question of developing a solid regulatory framework for AI based on human rights and fundamental values ​​and thus establishing trust European citizens.

Who is this content for?

The proposed elements are aimed at three distinct audiences:

  • the general public interested in the functioning of AI systems, their implications in our daily lives or wishing to test their functioning;
  • professionals (data controllers or subcontractors) implementing personal data processing based on AI systems, or wishing to do so and who wonder how to ensure their compliance with the GDPR;
  • the specialists (AI researcher, data scientist, machine learning engineer, etc.) : for people handling artificial intelligence on a daily basis, curious about the challenges that artificial intelligence poses to data protection and who are interested in the state of the art on these issues.

What are these resources?

For the general public

Short presentation of the challenges of artificial intelligence for data protection, illustrated by everyday examples.

Non-exhaustive selection of books, films or online resources for the curious as well as insiders to understand how artificial intelligence works, demystify it and understand its challenges.

Definitions relating to the fields of artificial intelligence and automatic learning that it is essential to understand well in order to be able to understand the issues.

For professionals

A reminder of the main principles of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR to be followed in the implementation of personal data processing based on AI systems, as well as the positions of the CNIL on certain more specific aspects.

An analysis tool allowing organizations to self-assess the maturity of their AI systems with regard to the GDPR and best practices in the field, in view of the future European regulation.

For specialists

Where to find them?

Declined according to the different audiences, the resources made available by the CNIL are accessible from the “Individuals” and “Professionals” areas of the site as well as on the site of the CNIL’s Digital Innovation Laboratory (LINC)

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