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How to increase the responses to your prospecting emails and your conversions? This is the question that many companies ask themselves. Although it is possible to optimize your messages, it may be wise to consider other approaches. Some solutions like ReachOut.AI or Sendspark have interesting features for creating unique videos.

On the market, there is also BHuman AI Studio, which allows you to design them, but on a large scale. Just record a video for the tool to generate several completely personalized ones.

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Produce a video and then personalize it

With BHuman AI Studio, creating personalized videos is very easy. The first step is to save your template. It is on this that the tool will be based to create all the content. We can use our phone or our webcam. All languages ​​are supported.

window with video template on bhuman ai studio

Just create a template. Artwork: BHuman AI Studio.

Secondly, you must connect your data to BHuman AI Studio. It is possible to use a spreadsheet containing the information that will allow you to personalize the videos, such as the names of the interlocutors and the name of the company in which they work. The second possibility is to connect the tool to the application that we use to aggregate our data. This is made possible through integration with Zapier. You can also use the BHuman AI Studio API.

The tool then takes care of the rest. Based on our template, it clones our face and our voice thanks to its artificial intelligence. It takes into account the personalization elements to include, such as the first name of the interlocutor. From there, it generates a personalized video. The process only takes a few minutes. We then send the content to our prospects.

An analytics platform is made available to monitor the performance of the videos sent. According to the creators of BHuman AI Studio, users of the tool typically see a 124% increase in their message open rate from generated videos. The conversion rate would increase by 302%.

BHuman AI Studio can be used both in e-commerce to send personalized videos to buyers who abandon their shopping cart and in marketing to attract prospects. It is also useful in several areas of activity, such as human resources, finance, real estate…

The tool is available from $39 per month. With this offer, 200 videos can be made. To create 1,000, it will cost $99 per month. Another license to create 1,800 is available. This is displayed at 150 dollars per month.

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