an AI could soon replace the players

What if games could play on their own? According to a new patent, Sony is developing an AI that could replace gamers. This artificial intelligence would be able to imitate players, even during a multiplayer game on PS5.

Among the many patents recently filed by Sony, many of them focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. One of these patents specifically details an artificial intelligence that could replace the players. So, will PS5 games soon be able to play on their own without having someone behind the controller?

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Artificial intelligence has already proven itself in video games. We think in particular of Russian soldiers in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation. These AIs are able to analyze the behavior of players to adapt their actions. We must not forget either AI Sophy from Gran Turismo 7 who is an excellent pilot. Moreover, Gran Turismo 7 could soon be entitled to its own PC port.

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Sony’s AI could replace an AFK player in multiplayer or help clear a difficult obstacle in solo

Sony’s patent details an AI capable of mimicking the behavior of a particular player. It therefore analyzes its behavior until it can reproduce it. Thus, the AI ​​could take control of PS5 game characters while the player himself cannot do it.

What would that be for? According to Sony, this AI would allow players not to be inactive during a multiplayer game if they have to eat, take a break, work, for example. In some multiplayer games, an “AFK” or inactive player for even a few minutes can penalize his entire team. We therefore imagine that the AI ​​would temporarily replace the player by imitating his behavior as well as possible, even by being better than him.

This artificial intelligence could also be used in solo games. For example, if the player does not arrive to overcome a certain obstacle or solve a puzzlehe could ask the AI ​​to do it for him. The player would not waste time searching for the solution on Google and then applying it in the game.

Of course, not all of Sony’s patents see the light of day. It is therefore not certain that the development of this AI will lead to a feature available on PS5. If so, Sony will need to make sure players know when they’re dealing with an AI in multiplayer. Many players are also likely to be against the idea of ​​facing such high-performance AI in multiplayer. Moreover, Meta has developed an AI capable of negotiating with humans to win at the strategy game Diplomacy.

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