Amazon’s AI predicts World War 3 for November 23rd

JVTech News Amazon’s AI predicts World War 3 for November 23rd

After the launch of a missile on Polish territory, the war in Ukraine begins to take a turn. worrying. The opportunity to recall that Amazon had predicted via its AI that the 3rd World War would arrive on November 23.

Amazon’s AI Predicts World War 3 Coming Soon

If you feel a little insecure about the situation in Ukraine, we understand you. The conflict has been going on for months and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, even when the media let it go. Thousands of people have already lost their lives and Vladimir Putin is still holding his own at the border and beyond.

And no later thanyesterday, a missile landed on Polish territory, hitherto excluded from the conflict. Two people lost their lives in the incident, and countries around the world held their breath as the situation looked set to escalate. Nothing is certain, but it seems to be a Russian missile that was intercepted by a Ukrainian missile. The explosion and the still dangerous debris would have crossed the Polish border, all happening at the junction between the three countries.

In any case, the tension is at its maximum and whether one is near or far from the events, one is entitled to feel in danger. And it’s not Amazon or Google that will reassure us. In effect, false information can appear easily and for nothing, like a voice assistant error.

Amazon Alexa predicts World War 3 for end of 2023, Russia attacks Germany

Amazon has a multitude of products and services, and alexandera is the cornerstone (with the Amazon site of course). The brand sells connected speakers by pallets and for cheap in order to place Alexa in people’s homes and encourage them to easily buy more Amazon products. The assistant is also used to answer questions that we ask ourselves, but from time to time, there are some hiccups.

This is what happened to this TikTok user who films Alexa’s response when he asks her the following question:

When will World War III begin?

An impossible question to answer, but voice assistants always try to give an answer, even a little roundabout. Except thathere, Alexa allows itself to give an extremely precise answer:

It will begin on November 23, 2023 at 6:05 a.m., when Russia will launch an attack on Germany.

It’s downright creepy, and the assurance in Alexa’s voice almost makes us feel like she’s confident and based on real information. The reason for this answer: frankly, we do not know, even if we suspect that Amazon was based on audio or text found on the Internet, perhaps on a post relaying fake news. It is a scourge that circulates on the web but seems to affect voice assistants. And this disease is spreading because Google Assistant, a direct competitor to Alexa, has also started to offer false information given by Amazon.

The problems should now be solved, Google promised a few months ago to change the behavior of Google Assistant vis-à-vis questions with no possible answer, no longer forcing itself to find an answer.

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