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The multimeter is an essential electronic measuring device for electricians and professionals working with electrical installations. Focus on the role and operation of this device!

The term measuring device refers to a wide range of products that it is not easy to navigate. But in the field of electronics, this term corresponds to a specific type of device that is also known as a multimeter. What are the different types of multimeters and what can be done with this type of device? Let’s see all this right now!

What is the role of a multimeter?

A multimeter is an electrical device that measures voltage (U) and current (I) in a circuit. It is also capable of measuring resistance (R) or ohmmeter (U/I). The multimeter can be used for different applications.

It can be used for example for:

  • measure the resistance of electrical cables;
  • check whether an electrical device complies with the safety standards in force;
  • measure the electrical power of an electrical device;
  • check the voltage of an electrical device.

How to use a multimeter?

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The different types of measuring devices electronic

There are a total of 4 types of measuring devices which differ mainly in their shape, namely:

  • the multimeter analog,
  • the multimeter digital,
  • the multimeter to fix,
  • the multimeter clamp.

The digital multimeter is undoubtedly the first measuring device that has emerged. With a graduated dial and a needle, this first form of multimeter displays the results on this analog screen. If they have the merit of being very reliable, analog measuring devices are not the most precise on the market.

With a screen offering a digital display, digital multimeters are much more precise than the previous model. Easy to use, this measuring device is currently very popular with individuals and professionals alike. The only drawback is their higher energy consumption, which requires a regular change of the battery.

There are also the measuring devices stationary that must be permanently plugged into an electrical outlet. It is the most reliable and accurate multimeter model. The downside is that you can’t take them everywhere.

Finally, there are clamp multimeters which, in addition to the two traditional terminals, have a clamp to measure certain electrical values.

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How does a multimeter work?

A measuring device can measure different types of electrical values. In an individual, a multimeter is mainly used to measure 3 very precise values, namely the current voltage, the current intensity and the continuity of a conductor.

Professionals have a much more complete use of measuring devices. In addition to the 3 basic functions mentioned above, this tool also allows you to inspect the resistance of a conductor or the power consumed on a circuit. One can also find more specific measuring devices that are also able to measure temperature and humidity level. You can even find other features that are a little less known.

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