Alkabaya in concert in the Allier, the electronic turn of a rock band

The group from Saint-Etienne, signed to Greenpiste Records, will play several titles from this future album during their concert in Isléa, this Thursday evening, October 6, “three or four”, declares Bastien Vidal, the singer-guitarist. This opus “still in the process of being composed” will clearly take an electronic turn.

The concert should thus oscillate between acoustic songs, such as their cover of golden hands by Bernard Lavilliers, and rearranged songs from their repertoire, such as Come and lie down; To be happy ; I was just a child.

Here are the shows of the cultural season 2022 – 2023 from Avermes to Islea

trumpet and synth

Originally, Alkabaya is a trio, inspired by Gaëtan Roussel and La Rue Kétanou, which is felt in La Tête dans lesclouds (2017). But already in the second album Waiting for the swallows (2020), a title marked their desire to evolve, Under the rain. Beat and synth came into play.

The confinements accelerated the evolution of the group: the accordionist decided on a professional retraining; he has been replaced by another accordionist who plays the keyboard according to the pieces. And then, a trumpeter was recruited who plays the synthesizer. Even the drummer has evolved, since to his classic drums, he has added a PAD (electronic percussion module) which allows him in particular to play in front of the stage.

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Having become a quartet, Alkabaya has been scouring the small stages of France since the end of health restrictions. The Bourbonnais were able to see them at the Fête de la Loire in Nevers, last June, and at the Kiosque in Vichy, in July.

Stephanie Mari

Alkabaya, in concert at Islea (Avermes), Thursday October 6, at 8.30 p.m. Single price €9. Ticket office:

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