AI developer: focus on this job

Data processing and analysis teams play an undeniably important role in a company. Indeed, today’s organizations manage an innumerable and unlimited quantity of data which, only with an intelligent exploitation, will bring them benefit. Therefore, the Artificial Intelligence Developer or IA developer is part of this team.

AI developer: the missions

An AI developer within an organization is responsible for designing Artificial Intelligence solutions. He will have to test sophisticated algorithms to perfectly succeed in a project devoted to AI. In fact, these AI solutions are essential allies for the company. They are used in particular to translate data useful to the company, whether into predictions or recommendations. In this case, the role of the AI ​​developer is to provide useful information to company executives and managers. He also develops predictive applications based on AI. Here, the solutions it deploys integrate directly into the product.

Therefore, the missions of the AI ​​developer relate to the data life cycle. That said, it performs them step by step following the latter. First of all, he analyzes specific needs which he must provide. It selects the data sources to be processed, which differ according to the objectives to be achieved. Then, the AI ​​developer will be taken to render the data exploitable through artificial intelligence. For example, this involves designing and training neural networks. The AI ​​will then operate to extract meaning from it. The third mission of an AI developer is to return the information obtained to the customer. He does this by creating dashboards with data visualization tools. In addition, an AI developer can also take care of the creation and integration of a product based on the data in a business application.

Focus on the profile of an AI developer

First, the job of an AI developer is rather product oriented, unlike that of a Data Scientist. The latter is responsible for conducting experiments on the data. And this, without necessarily knowing beforehand what he really wants. An AI developer, on the other hand, relies on data to build a product. It therefore responds to a vital need of society, which is to develop solutions based on data. He designs and develops prototypes of digital products, which makes his role more operational.

Next, a good AI developer must have a very good understanding of business issues. In fact, he looks like a data engineer, but only the purpose differs. An AI developer must therefore be perfectly aware of the challenges of product development. Also, he must carefully select each feature as well as its representation. Giving the best possible experience to the end user is its main objective. Thus, he is interested in the way data is used.

Skills and qualities required

The profession of AI Data Developer requires strong computer and programming skills.

Mathematics, especially statistics, should be the first weapons of an AI developer. And besides Artificial Intelligence being obvious, he must be comfortable with the software development. As explained above, the main missions of an AI developer are the operation and development of applications. Which means, among other things, that excellent handling of these tools would be his very first required skill. An AI developer, if he wishes to succeed in his profession, should understand machines better than men. He should be one “super geek.” He also comes to the conclusion that the AI ​​developer should acquire excellent adaptability and analytical skills. Indeed, since its goal is to design solutions that are effectively applicable. One of the qualities that an AI developer should have is also good interpersonal skills. He collaborates and communicates with several teams. So he should be an indomitable communication.

Furthermore, practicing the profession also requires the mastery of design and optimization from a database. And this, from the acquisition to the maintenance of the platform. Specialist in data processing, he must know how to make them talk and report on his recommendations.

The field of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving more and more every day. It is in particular for this reason that carrying out a technological watch is always necessary. Moreover, knowledge of the different solutions on the market is also important. A good AI developer must therefore be competent in all of this.

Becoming an AI developer: do you have to be an engineer to be in charge of a digital Data project?

The training is strict for those who want to access the position. In general, AI engineers come from training Bac+5 of Grande Ecole or University. And possibly, this is accompanied by a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, all related professions claim advanced knowledge in machine learning. A perfect command of languages ​​like Python is also an essential point to take into account.

In addition, significant experience in the field is in almost the majority of cases required. Otherwise, schools also prepare for the profession. Here is a non-exhaustive list: Ecv, O’Clock, Efficom, Maestris, Cesacom and Esaat.

What about the salary?

The remuneration of an AI developer largely depends on his sector of activity, his experience and his skills. That said, it can range from €40,000 to €100,000 per year. Indeed, the range is as huge as the trade itself.

Trends and drivers

An AI developer practices his activities in two environments. Either it is a company that has Artificial Intelligence needs, or it is a company that offers AI development services. Nevertheless, it is logical and undeniable that the technology will continue to evolve. Consequently, the profession of AI developer will also continue on this path and it will certainly even break down into several categories. These categories may or may not bind to the AI.

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