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If some parents get cold » consider it as an accessory, the baby monitor / baby monitor remains a classic on the birth list and a valuable tool for watching over baby’s sleep. We now come across models with video support, dual transmitter, temperature sensor, lullabies, night lights, etc.

Even more sophisticated, new products “inspired by parents” are emerging such as the Cubo AI Plus, a smart and connected little bird that promises you sleep analysis, memory snapshot capture, crying alerts and many other functions. A proactive approach that emphasizes safety, enough to appease the most anxious parents? Let’s see instead.

A beautiful bird: installation and handling of the Cubo AI Plus

Credit: Cubo

Like any high-tech object of its time, the CuboAI baby monitor benefits from a neat packaging and a design designed to seduce and offer a easy installation. The 3-mount kit that we tested is therefore supplied with the camera in the form of a small white bird and 3 types of attachment, namely a floor mount, a bed mount and a mobile mount. We chose the floor support, practical because it can be adjusted at any time and not that bulky. This one is weighted by a pocket of water provided and is assembled in a few minutes. You can then switch carriers as the baby grows and begins to move, but we’ll get to that.

My Cubo Ai Plus on stand

Admittedly, the device is cute and fits easily into any interior without betraying its hidden camera side. All the material is in good quality white plastic and the camera slipped into an articulated wood-finish base. The bird is 11.1 cm long and 8.71 cm wide. In its upper part, there is a integrated night light and on the back, a speaker, a microphone, a mini USB power port and a multipurpose button. When pressed directly, this button puts the monitor on standby and also activates the night light. It also serves asstatus indicator by means of an indicator light. Let’s add to the subject of installation that the device connects to the home Wi-Fi network in a few manipulations, guided step by step on the application.

Wall of memories – Credit: Cubo

The application, let’s talk about it. Available on iOS 10 and Android 5.0 or newer, it offers a intuitive and clear interface. The home contains live video feed, temperature and humidity control and access to lullaby settings, as well as a photo button to capture a snapshot of baby. A scroll down allows you to consult the diary of photo/video memories taken by the device. At the bottom, a tab concerns sleep analysisanother collects the notification log and a final set of device parameters. We did not encounter any difficulty in use during the test, except for the well-hidden “talk to baby” function in full-screen live video mode.

Security and peace of mind: a baby under close surveillance

Cubo AI Plus is first and foremost a wide angle camera with very effective night vision. Indeed, the 1080p image sharpness day and night is one of the strong points of the device and allows a 4x digital zoom that detects the slightest open eye or the fly that threatens to wake baby.

Credit: Cubo

And then there are all these functions related to artificial intelligence which bring their share of convenience. The first is to detect baby’s face, which can alert parents when the nose or mouth are covered, or when the child is in the wrong position. There’s also sleep tracking and analysis: every night, Cubo AI Plus records how many hours the infant slept or cried, as well as how often parents visited. These statistics allow parents to better manage baby’s sleep while optimizing the day ahead.

More pleasing, the baby monitor creates a memory wall composed of photo albums and videos captured when the camera detects a movement or a smile, all compiled and made available daily in the application. It’s a function that won us over, even if we have received a summary in pictures of a rotten night with photos of babies crying and a little comment like “we can’t get enough of this little angel.

There is also the cry detection with notification, room temperature and humidity alerts, the two-way audio system that allows you to hear baby and speak to him remotely and even a cough detection alert (in beta at the time of the test). A “risk zone” alert also allows you to define a virtual barrier in order to be notified if your toddler crosses it. Convenient when he grows up and starts to move even if you will have to react to the quarter turn once the notification has been received.

Family Sharing

Finally, the family sharing allows you to offer access to video and/or the full functions of the Cubo Ai baby monitor to your loved ones, a boon to include gaga grandparents for example.

Cubo AI Plus: to buy or not?

As a video baby monitor, the Cubo AI Plus does what it’s supposed to do perfectly. The image is particularly clear day and night, the sound clear in both directions and the Wi-Fi connection suffers (almost) no latency (in 2.4 Ghz). Installation is simple, the style of the baby monitor and its supports modern and discreet and the application interface very easy to use. Question elementary functions, we have absolutely nothing to reproach him so.

My Cubo Ai Plus

The “intelligent” functions are numerous and work very well too. Good point, all alerts are configurable, activated or not, with notifications or not. The cry detection sensitivity is also adjustable on 3 levels. For example, we chose to deactivate the covered face and rolling alert for the duration of the test because the baby was no longer a newborn and moved a lot. Suffice to say that the notices were raining… which had a more anxiety-provoking effect than anything else.

Credit: Cubo

Well thought out to preserve your phone’s battery or to use it while keeping an attentive ear, the “audio in the background” option turns the phone into a baby monitor by broadcasting audio from the camera even when it is locked or exiting the foreground application. A word also about the lullabies offered, quite varied for our taste even if their broadcast deactivates the crying alert. Shame.

Finally, the video replay possible up to the last 18 hours has been invaluable to us to “relive” certain nights and take a few snapshots along the way. To know that the camera still memorizes the video stream if you cut the internet box. On the other hand, this is not the case for the study of sleep.

There remains the question (which annoys) of the price. The Cubo AI Plus with the 3 supports is offered at 249 euros or at 199 euros with a wall mount. Like any good self-respecting connected object, a service package is added, knowing that the Premium pack is offered for 1 year with the purchase of the Cubo AI Plus baby monitor. Thereafter, two formulas are available: Ai Care at €4.99/month or Ai Care Premium at €7.99/month. Fortunately, most features remain available at the end of the year offered even without subscription.

Cubo Ai Plus is a device that has the advantage of being very complete and of offering anxious parents and families all the tools to keep their minds at ease.

We liked
Image quality
Very precise analyzes (sleep, covered face, sensors, etc.)
Family Sharing (invite a loved one to connect to the camera)
Judicious selection of snapshots and souvenir videos

We love less
Quite expensive package (with subscription)
Cry detection not working when lullaby is on
Requires Wifi / smartphone app

Picture of cubo-ai-plus-kit-3-supports

Cubo AI Plus – 3 Holder Kit

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Picture of cubo-ai-plus-wall-mount

Cubo AI Plus – Wall mount

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These prices were updated on 09/09/2022 by All4affiliates. They are listed in ascending order and excluding delivery costs. Only the prices displayed at the merchants are authentic.

Picture of cubo-ai-pad

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These prices were updated on 09/09/2022 by All4affiliates. They are listed in ascending order and excluding delivery costs. Only the prices displayed at the merchants are authentic.

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