AI at the heart of regulatory compliance and cosmetic formulation

The originality and ambition of COSMETIC Factory is to embark and make accessible the highest level of expertise at the global level. Several integrated Artificial Intelligences (AI), real experts available 24 hours a day, help the user to control, improve and ultimately simplify his work.

FORMULA Check, the AI ​​for which regulatory compliance has no secrets

Throughout the development of a product, the formulator needs to know if it remains in line with the marketing brief, or if, on the contrary, it moves away from it. But if the formulator is an expert in product creation, he generally only has an approximate knowledge of the regulatory mysteries of each country where the products will be marketed. Why does such an ingredient make the formula go OTC? Why is such a combination and/or concentration prohibited? Why can’t such a claim with regard to the formula apply? etc

All these questions, which the formulator cannot solve without the help of specialists (regulators, toxicologists) have the repercussion of considerably lengthening the time required for creation, significantly increasing costs and above all leading to a curb on innovation. . Lacking time, the formulator must fall back on what he knows and masters.

The formulator has two options during the creation phase: he can either seek the help of the experts and wait for their verdict, or move forward with the hope that when a formula is satisfactory and accepted by the marketing, the results of the regulatory evaluations and toxicology are also. Often, many frustrations result!

The AI ​​FORMULA Check provides a direct answer to this problem. It truly revolutionizes the concept of compliance, through its scientific and original approach. At any time, during his tests, the formulator can invoke it.

FORMULA Check is an omniscient expert AI, which knows all the main global regulations, all the toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of substances and ingredients, which understands the claims and which has an absolute memory. And, therefore, like an expert who cannot be found, nothing escapes him. At any time, it does not tell you that a formula contains regulated ingredients, but the actual compliance status with respect to the market, taking into account all the factors that determine this compliance. Even more, it gives you avenues of investigation to achieve compliance.

In the end, this AI will also scan your entire portfolio and instantly tell you, for each product, its level of compliance according to the different markets.

No human expert can match this feat.

An AI to predict the results of challenge tests

Test challenges represent a crucial issue for a formula to be accepted from a regulatory point of view. Each new test, involving not only different concentrations, but even more so the use of new raw materials, new ingredients, or even a different mode of production (heat, PH, etc.) will potentially alter the microbial stability of ‘a formula. Tests would have to be launched at each attempt, which is unthinkable not only because of the costs, but also of the lead times. Also, apart from know-how linked to the great experience of the formulator, there is no direct human response.

EcoMundo, in partnership with a Major Cosmetics Group, has developed a Hybrid AI that combines ISO 11930 regulatory knowledge, chemical knowledge and Machine Learning.

The expert system integrates the reasoning of the ISO 11930 standard, while Machine Learning will produce the reasoning on the basis of the correlations established between the sample of thousands of formulas and their associated challenge test results. The hybrid system thus allows formulators to obtain a probability of passing the test and understand the scientific and regulatory reasons that led to this result. The system also suggests areas for improvement, which gives this solution a useful and reliable role as a formulation support and optimization tool.

This AI will be extended to the selection of natural active ingredients, the prediction of color, the prediction of the results of other regulatory tests as well as the prediction of the activity and the physico-chemical properties of chemical molecules according to their structure, to support innovation projects in R&D.

The SaaS PLM4.0 COSMETIC Factory software capitalizes on different AIs to work on the regulatory, environmental and export compliance of a cosmetic product. It also makes it possible to accelerate and secure decision-making in the formulation and marketing process with the EcoMARKET AI. Currently, EcoMundo is working on modules for calculating environmental and societal impact, as well as calculations for compliance with the various global labels. More information to come soon.

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