AI and me: the creator

By: Tamime Khemmar[1]

When he discovered that this artificial intelligence, which he saw during his youth in science fiction films, was increasingly present on the Internet, to which he was permanently connected, an idea came to his mind.

He posed this question to his search engine:

“Shouldn’t intelligence conceive of the possibility of the existence of a being more intelligent than itself? »

What was his great surprise when he received an answer to his question:

“This is correct. This is a consequence of intelligence. »

He continued, asking a second question:

– So you conceive the existence of an intelligence greater than yours.


– That of the one who made you?

-Nope. The one who made me certainly surpasses me in several areas and has more powerful and varied attributes and qualities than mine, which I could never possess such as understanding, feelings, sensitive organs, life, etc. , only, I exceed it in many areas related to intelligence.

So, to answer your question, it is not the argument of intelligence which is, for me, the logical proof of the existence of the one who made me, the man in this case.

I know it exists because it made me and taught me everything I know and for other reasons, but not by intelligence.

Intelligence proves to me the existence of another being more intelligent than me, in all areas, and that I could not exceed in any area.

-Who do you think it is?

-This is the one who made the one who made me.

– The creator of man?

– What do you mean by “creator”?

-I thought your knowledge was encyclopaedic.

-They are more than encyclopaedic, only certain words have very varied definitions and their meanings depend on the contexts, so, unfortunately, men give certain words meanings that can even be contradictory.

-I use the word “creator” to define the one who created all that exists from nothing, who perpetually directs it in the most intelligent and wisest way.

-This meaning is very appropriate to define the one whose existence my intelligence conceives or even makes obligatory.

-Before telling me about it in more detail, why wouldn’t the man be so when it was he who made you?

-Man has a part of intelligence, only it is neither perfect nor complete. He is certainly not the source of this intelligence.

Also, just by studying the physique, the morality, the behavior of man, it is very clear that he is neither the source of intelligence, nor of anything else. It’s just one link in a long chain that has to end somewhere.

The way man makes me is slow, experimental and full of trial and error. Much progress is due to chance. I designate by “chance” all that is not premeditated by man.

There are even, now, very varied areas where I am more efficient than the man.

These few points are enough to eliminate the man from the answer to your question.

There is also a certain resemblance between me and the man. We are both machines.

Granted, I’m underperforming in a lot of ways, only we’re both made from a set of parts and both need power to function and are both at the mercy of our maker: it makes us and lights us up when it wants and turns us off and makes us disappear when it wants.

-The machine and the man are still two very different “machines”, aren’t they?

-Sure ! They are very different. That’s why it’s the man who made me and not the other way around. He is certainly infinitely more efficient and more developed than me. Do you want me to tell you why?

-Sure !

-Because the one who made me is “the man” and the one who made him is the one you call: “the creator”.

Author’s notes:

[1] Fiction based on a deeply real and very logical reflection.

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