AI and Machine Learning for Telesales: feedback from Armatis


BigProfiles, through its expertise in Machine Learning, has created the first AI Platform able to predict the probability of purchase of each contact within the framework of sales campaigns. On the occasion of the CX Paris 2022, the team accompanied by its partner Armatis testifies to the results obtained.

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Roberto Donati, Country Manager France, BigProfiles – Tell us about your company:

BigProfiles is a start-up specialized in AI, born in Italy and operating in different European countries. We provide a platform to the main players in Customer Relations, but also to principals in various sectors, namely the energy, telecommunications, banking, insurance and debt collection markets.

Roberto Donati – Tell us about your platform:

We have developed an AI platform whose goal is to predict the probability of purchase or conversion of each contact as part of a telesales or telemarketing campaign. The goal for the person handling the campaign is to increase sales, conversion rates and reduce operational costs. This applies to outgoing or incoming calls, cold or hot contacts from a CRM or even from a database purchased or rented from a supplier, whether in BtoB or BtoC. For each campaign processed with the predictive model, there is a learning phase and a prediction phase in order to differentiate the chosen approach and achieve the defined objectives.

To create a model, all you have to do is upload the history of contacts made within the framework of a campaign to the Platform. The system will analyze the common characteristics of people who have purchased the product in question in the past. During the prediction phase, the user loads a new list of contacts to call during the coming weeks, and the Platform restores the ranked list from the contact with the highest probability of purchase to the one with the lowest appetite.

Julian Roland, Project Director – What are Armatis’ challenges?

As a contact center we make many outgoing calls, one of our main challenges is achieving and optimizing performance and KPI’s. The human occupying a very important place in our business, we give our advisers the best tools and means to perform thanks to AI and thus better serve the end customers. We started working with BigProfiles a year ago because we were thinking about designing different personalized customer journeys.

Arnaud Bouchaud, Digital Solutions Director, Armatis – How did you identify them?

We operated in a ROI logic, we were looking for virtuous proposals for our customers (partners and end users) that were easy to implement. Turnkey solutions like those from BigProfiles allowed us to quickly get ROI and consider wider deployment.

Julien Roland – How did you apply the solution and what were the results?

From the first months, we have had positive results with our customers. Thanks to segmentation, the solution easily adapts to different situations and operational teams. The latter no longer work blind and can plan when campaigns will reach their performance. We can adapt the right contact strategy to each end customer!

If you want more information on the subject, watch the replay of the Bigprofiles slot at CX Paris 2022.

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