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The implementation of an electronic project requires expertise and the mobilization of a certain number of resources.

But the most important is the electronic power supply. For this, you will find on the market, a multitude of standard devices that are able to allow you to carry out your project.

However, sometimes it is essential to create your own system. Indeed, the latter takes into account several specific constraints of your project.

These include environmental, technical and economic ones.

Discover in this article 5 good reasons to opt for this solution.

A specific power supply makes it possible to respond to thermal constraints

An electronic power supply converts energy. Therefore, its yield is not at the maximum. You can therefore end up with excess heat that it is essential to release to avoid overheating. The latter, being capable of degrading electronic devices. It is true that in most cases, standard power supplies manage to manage this problem. But for some projects, the thermal constraints are specific.

When you take for example outdoor products intended for agriculture or swimming pools, they may require a specific system. Indeed, these being strongly under the influence of the sun, they are confronted with an excess of heat (operating temperature of the power supply + thermal heat) which must be dissipated. This will require making use of high-efficiency topologies, but also to use suitable radiatorsbetter able to dissipate heat.

A specific power supply improves electromagnetic compatibility

Depending on the class of the product and the environment in which it will be used, electromagnetic compatibility issues may vary. To this end, it should be remembered that electromagnetic compatibility is subject to special certification. This makes it possible to assess the ability of a machine to operate in an environment without experiencing or causing electromagnetic problems. It is essential for the marketing of the product.

Electromagnetic compatibility includes relatively demanding standards depending on the sector of each type of electronic project. Thus, in some cases, it is difficult to obtain certification. It must even be said that more than 70% of projects do not obtain it. This is usually due to the “power supply and energy conversion” part. So, the development of a specific diet that can be provided with cats power design can help to obtain it when the electromagnetic environment proves to be particularly constraining.

A specific power supply makes it possible to optimize the size of the devices

The miniaturization of systems is one of the greatest challenges in the development of electronic projects. Indeed, many sectors such as medicine are seeking to considerably reduce the size of the electronic equipment they use. This requires optimizing the devices first. Secondly, appropriate solutions must be found in terms of:

  • Powerful ;
  • format;
  • Heat dissipation, etc.

To meet this challenge, standard power supplies are not appropriate in most cases. It is therefore necessary to use a specific diet. This will be designed for best meet the miniaturization constraints that suit the project.

A specific power supply makes it possible to gain precision and control production during the series life of a product

High accuracy is of paramount importance in many electronic projects. And it must be said that standard power supplies do not allow this accuracy to be achieved in many cases. Or, the development of a specific power supply makes it possible to set up a tailor-made product. Sometimes the correct power supply format for the power you need may not be available. Also, the lack of precision in the development can also be a problem.

The development of a specific power supply makes it possible to set up a power supply perfectly adapted to the project, regardless of the degree of precision required. It should also be emphasized that developing specific electronics is essential for better control of the technical definition of the product. This makes it easier to manage the obsolescence of electronic components.

A specific power supply helps to control costs

For high-volume electronic projects, it is preferable to develop a specific power supply. For example, if the company designs more than 50,000 parts per year, this can be an effective way to optimize costs, but also components, industrialization and many others. You can find more details here.

As soon as the electronic project reaches substantial volumes, there is a real interest in developing a specific power supply. The power supply is optimized so as to perfectly adapt to the project, and the development costs are quickly amortized by the quantity of products.

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