4 new MOOCs from the SIRH & Digital RH Circle

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4 new special digital HR MOOCs from the Cercle SIRH – © DR

  • HR digitization;
  • Data visualization;
  • AI and HR functionalities;
  • Chatbots.

Here is the menu of 4 new thematic MOOCs proposed by The HRIS & Digital HR Circle on the www.le-reseau-dprh.com platform.

“We have been working on this 2nd season for almost a year. The objective is to further extend the sharing of HRIS knowledge. A first MOOC season was released in 2019, already operated by Le Cercle SIRH & Digital RH »declared Bertrand Heim, Head of HRIS Group at SPIE, and member of the Cercle SIRH & Digital RH office.

4 new digital HR themes for MOOC season 2

The new wave of MOOCs, presented in a contribution of October 16, 2022 on the Cercle SIRH & Digital RH website, includes 4 new thematic entries developed by 4 experts, who have already contributed to the book “SIRH – From information systems to HR management solutions” (the 4th edition was released in April 2021).

“These 4 authors used their chapters in the book to transform them into MOOCs”, says Bertrand Heim.

Each online course is developed in 3 sequences for a duration of approximately 15 minutes:

  • HR digitalization : issues and objectives, use cases, main key success factors. A MOOC developed by Claire de Béchillon, IT Skills & Digital HR manager at BPCE;
  • Data visualization : challenges and opportunities of data visualization, fundamental principles, differentiating functionalities and actors. A MOOC developed by Cédric Fradin, which supports companies in the deployment of their strategy through budget management and key process performance indicators.
  • AI and HR features : challenges and opportunities, best practices for a successful AI project, conditions for the success of an employee experience project. A MOOC developed by César Campana, expert in the transformation of the HR function by exploiting AI.
  • Chatbots : composition and use cases, conversational strategy and role in employee satisfaction, how to set up and manage an HR chatbot project. A MOOC developed by Arthur Marcel, expert in the implementation of conversational AI within large accounts.

“For each MOOC, we have embedded key phrases to promote memorization of the essential elements and a quiz at the end to take stock of the acquisition of knowledge”says Bertrand Heim.“We are going to measure the public’s appetite with this second MOOC season. We will then decide if we continue this initiative with a third season. »

Special digital HR MOOC: the first season still available

In season 1 dating back to 2019, 3 MOOC modules – with 4 sequences each – were developed in coordination with The MOOC Agency on the following themes:

  • how to run an HRIS project : analyze market solutions, lead a competitive dialogue, lead a project in SaaS mode and support change. A MOOC developed by Isabelle Marc, Air France HRIS manager.
  • how to manage and administer the HRIS : communicate HRIS tools, assist users, develop the system and describe the activities of the HRIS manager. A MOOC developed by Gérard Pietrement, secretary and founder of the Circle SIRH and Digital RH.
  • how to digitize HR processes : satellite tools for extended administrative management, onboarding, performance management and the HR portal. A MOOC developed by Annabelle Girault, Associate Director of Danaé – Magnulteam.

The entire first season is still available via https://le-reseau-dprh.com.

The previous MOOC brought together 3,411 people in 40 months (between April 2019 and November 2022). This new season currently brings together 143 learners (since its launch for about 1 month).

“The rate of registrations for this new season leads us to envisage 1,500 learners by the end of next year! », declared Gérard Piétrement, founder and secretary of the Cercle SIRH & Digital RH.

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